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  • Premium Wine Packaging Design

    Premium Wine Packaging Design – Tesoro di Volpe is a complex project that saw the agency partner with the customer in order to create a new brand from scratch. The result of our efforts is a product that looks elegant and modern, highlighting the quality of the drink, while referring to ancient times and wine maturation. […]

  • Seaweed Pouch Packaging Design

    Seaweed Pouch Packaging Design – The packaging itself has a handcrafted feel to reflect the hand foraged nature of the product and to enable consumers to know what type of product it is. This rebrand really tells the story of a wonderful company from Cornwall with great ambitions and a delicious and natural product. The Cornish […]

  • Cement Packaging Design

    Cement Packaging Design – After replacing one of the main cement brands for the Dominican population, Argos Cements, a Colombian company, landed in the Dominican Republic looking to generate a natural approach to the brand, being perceived as a company that understands the needs and culture of the country. Cement Packaging Design The bags became collectors’ […]

  • Wine Brand Packaging Design

    Wine Brand Packaging Design – While designing the logo, I considered the word bor (wine) to be more important, so I have put more emphasis on it, since the Bognar family (siblings) has several properties of the winery in different sub-regions of Hungary. Designer and art director: kissmiklos Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Photos: Eszter Sarah Wine […]

  • Modern Spices Tin Packaging Design

    Modern Spices Tin Packaging Design – Since there will be more than 100 different spices and mixtures, we decided to make categories (herbs, spices in general, flowers, Indian spices, vegetables, peppers and 2 different mixes), so each group would have its own design. Creative Agency: Dekoratio Branding & Design Agency Designer: Szani Mészáros Modern Spices Tin […]

  • Coconut Water Product Packaging Design

    Coconut Water Product Packaging Design – By creating the visual concept, we feel already at the stage of appointment that this would be an exceptional project for us. As it gave life to Coconaut, the hero of the brand, we knew that would be the main attraction of the visual appearance of the product. We have […]

  • Mosquito Repellent Spray Packaging Design

    Mosquito Repellent Spray Packaging Design – BuzzStopper was conceptualised in the midst of Singapore’s Zika outbreak last summer, and the original brief required a simple packaging that would appeal to children as well as young adults and parents. The most difficult part of the project was to find a visual link between his designs. Having both […]

  • Banana Bar Packaging Design

    Banana Bar Packaging Design – Snact began with the mission of eliminating food waste. They started making frugal fruit from discarded fruit purchased in the wholesale markets and then sold themselves all over London. Banana Bar Packaging Design Typically, the flexible packaging consists of several layers of plastic, all of which can not be decomposed by […]

  • Quality Teas and Coffees Packaging

    Quality Teas and Coffees Packaging – The refreshed line features beautiful patterns and illustrations that help visually convey the power of your flavours. Teas and Coffees Packaging Taylors of Harrogate, a family run business dating back to 1886, has earned an unrivaled reputation for quality through its devotion to exceptional coffee and tea craftsmanship. Contemporary […]

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